Rachel Huber (Chairwoman)Rachel Huber, MA, studied Cultural Studies (BA) at the University of Lucerne and History (MA) at the University of Hamburg and works as a research assistant at the Department of modern History at the University of Lucerne. In her dissertation project, she is investigating the extent to which Digital History can make the history of oppressed minorities visible.
Specializations: Global History, Digital History and Postcolonial Theory.
She is a member of the editorial staff of the international open access blog journal Public History Weekly and co-founder of the Swiss Network of Female Historians.

Anna de QuervainAnna de Quervain, MA, studied Cultural Studies (BA) at the University of Lucerne and History (MA) at the Universities of Neuchâtel and Lucerne. Her studies focus on global history, postcolonial studies and gender history. As part of her two final theses, she dealt with Human Zoos in the city of Bern and the genesis of an NGO that advocates the rights of Indigenous Peoples in North and South America. Anna de Quervain is a city councillor in Burgdorf and a founding member and co-president of Operation Libero Bern.
Katharina SteinerKatharina Steiner studied history and ethnology (BA and MA) at the University of Lucerne. In her BA thesis, she dealt with Canada's culture of remembrance for the compulsory schooling of indigenous children. Her MA is based on a field research internship in Mashad, Iran. Her master's thesis was a follow-up to this and is dedicated to the ethnology of sport. Other major fields of study are gender and social history. During her studies she worked as an assistant researcher and in the indexing of the Lucerne State Archives. From autumn 2019 she will be doing her doctorate in the SNF project "Selling Purity" under Valentin Groebner at the History Department of the University of Lucerne. Katharina Steiner has been an active member of the Women's City Tour of Lucerne for many years, where she is responsible for developing new tours.
Barbara Vogel Barbara Vogel, MA, studied history and cultural studies at the University of Lucerne, specializing in the history of architecture and photography. As part of her master's thesis, she studied the «Amerikanerhaus» in Zurich and its myth.
Professional activity in the Archives for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta) at ETH Zurich and in the Johannes Itten Archive Zurich.
Co-founder of the Swiss Network of Female Historians.